'SUITS' fic recs


(list updated on 08.31.12)

(how was i to know) you’d steal the show (harvey had good skin, free of blemishes with the exception of a few moles and scatterings of freckles that emerged when he stood too long in the sun.  the only incongruities to his appearance were two faded white lines, one on each wrist.  they were a couple of inches long, running from the heels of his hands towards his elbows.  they were flat against his skin and only showed themselves from certain angles.  he wasn’t ashamed of them exactly, but sometimes he genuinely forgot they were there, M.)

 a moonlit escapade (harvey blames drugs, alcohol and moonlight for his newest obsession, M.)

 mountain man (harvey breaks his arm and is laid up at home.  mike heads over to drop off some files and discovers a very rugged, very sexy harvey specter, M.)

 midnight calls (harvey gets sent out of state to meet a client, unable to bring mike with him.  mike finds he can’t sleep, until harvey ends up calling, PG.)

 the truth of the matter (when they announced they were together, they’d expected a certain amount of gossip and disbelief. mike could laugh it off, for the most part, but it’s old news now - so harvey doesn’t entirely understand why he comes back home one night in a particularly bad mood, PG-13.)

 one more lifetime swallowed up (when mike realized the calibre of his mistake, experienced that awful moment of clarity when he realized what he had done, he went to harvey. because he learnt not only from his mistakes but the mistakes of others, and he trusted harvey, more than anyone he had ever met, and if there was a way out of this then harvey would find it. only he didn’t. he tried, mike knows that he did, but there was no way back, only the inevitable way forward. and when jessica told him that he was fired he didn’t fight or yell or display any other overt emotion. he was eerily calm, because mike had seen this coming, not just when he realized the gravity of his error, but years before, PG-13.)

 speaking of happiness (AU.  at the age of 18, your name is put into a database. at the age of 39, if you’re not already married, you’re contracted. harvey turns 39, hoping against hope he’ll be overlooked. he’s not. he gets contracted, to mike.  M.)

 from the heart (christmas is approaching, and with it one of harvey’s biggest problems. for all his talents and abilities, he absolutely sucks at finding the right gifts for his family. there have been some near-catastrophes in the past that harvey’s family has made perfectly clear better not happen again. usually, this is where donna comes in and saves the day, only this year she goes on strike and insists that harvey should buy his own presents. harvey however wouldn’t be harvey if he didn’t have a different plan to get himself out of the disaster that is shopping for presents one week before christmas eve. he asks mike to help him out. in hindsight maybe he should have seen that involving his associate was going to have consequences beyond a single day of shopping. harvey opened a door and things just…happen from there, and definitely not in a way harvey imagined his christmas holiday to go, PG-13.)

 crossing lines (tag to 2.08, a boy without a face helps a man without a father, PG-13.)

 76th & Lexington (AU, harvey’s bookshop isn’t doing well, and he really doesn’t need this right now.  M.)

 sucker punch  (series, tag(s) to 2.07.  louis doesn’t call donna to the stand.  he calls mike.  M.)

 you’re not the one (but you’re the only one) (i can’t see you. if i see you, i’ll never leave you.  M.)

the tuxedo situation (mike quite clearly had plans for his evening that didn’t involve spending two hours in a car with harvey before enduring a night in atlantic city with the knowledge that he’d been expected at work the next morning. as it turns out, harvey’s not the worst person to take a car trip with in the history of forever.  M.)

 no more than reason (“are you mad at me or something?”  ”yes,” harvey replied. his immediate and honest answer seemed to throw mike, like he had been hoping his accusations were false, a misinterpretation of events. but they weren’t. he was fucking pissed at mike.  tag to 2.07,  M.)

 precedence shall be the order (if harvey thinks he can’t trust donna then what hope has mike got?  M.)

 landmarks to a treasure (in harvey’s home office there is a desk, solid dark mahogany and pristine, the kind of piece bought not to be used but admired. the top drawer has a brass keyhole and is constantly locked. there are no valuables in the traditional sense hidden there, no stockpiles of cash or diamond studded watches or gold bullions. but the contents of this drawer are all the things harvey treasures, those keepsakes that tell the story of who he is and how he got to be that way, memories of his past and reminders for his future. no one has seen its contents except mike. that was the last time he added something (the vows from their wedding day, but more on that later) and mike asked harvey to tell him the stories behind every item in the drawer… M.)

 ex facie (mike always manages to find a way around donna’s front desk security detail and into harvey’s office, where he touches things, with his bare hands, without asking, M.)

→ if i love you, what business is it of yours? (harvey has been left alone in mike’s apartment and he starts snooping. he discovers a letter adressed to him and not realising it’s actually an “in the event of my death” letter he starts reading…, R.)

 because it was you (there had always been an almost visceral connection between them, a connection based on an unspoken but mutual recognition that there was something in the other that they each needed. but even so, even with everything mike felt for harvey he still had never felt anything like this. and the truth was: he had always felt a lot for harvey. from the second they met it was a never ending rollercoaster of emotions, but never once did he feel anything like desire or lust or want. although given where he currently finds himself (naked in harvey’s bed and watching the older man sleep beside him) he can’t help but question the truth of that statement. maybe it had always been there, waiting to be discovered, longing to be set free, R.)

 sharp dressed man (not looking for love) (mike is a street musician, playing outside of the PH building.  he’s practically living on the street, harvey takes him home but he’s damaged.)

 the perfect solution (mike shows up at harvey’s apartment with the perfect solution to his relationship woes, post-2.01, slight mention of 2.02, PG-13.)

 plus one (after receiving a wedding invitation, harvey reevaluates several of his relationships, M.)

 summum bonum (AU, when professor harvey specter stumbled upon a skinny student getting harassed by a campus cop, he intervened against his better judgment. he had no idea this brilliant kid would turn his world upside down. meanwhile, mike has now been given the opportunity to turn his life around but it might just cost him everything and everyone, M.)

grande soy triple dirty chai (barista!AU.  harvey is still a lawyer, mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn’t afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter, M.)

 continental drift (mike and harvey are in a relationship.  they just don’t know it yet, M.)

 disaster stories (mike and harvey are at work, in the middle of a blizzard, M.)

falling in love to the sounds of the city (AU kid!fic.  harvey is in need of a nanny, and mike’s the perfect one for the job, M.)

imprimatur (AU,  mike was raised to believe imprint was a life-changing event for those few lucky enough to experience it. harvey was raised to believe it was a form of mental illness. when it actually happened, neither of them noticed, M.)

pizza and a movie (AU, harvey’s still a lawyer but mike’s not a pot runner — he’s a deliveryman for rollo’s pizza and ribs, which happens to be harvey’s favorite pizza place. once harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, mike’s life takes a few turns he would not have expected, M.)

→ friends?  i’d say family (kid!fic.  harvey has a five year-old son, PG-13.)

sweet thang (mike hates buying stuff for himself.  harvey, on the other hand, loves it, R.)

→ i can barely say (there are certain times for which words could never be enough, PG.)

→ take your time cause you’re up against space (mike ross has never been bothered by hospitals, G-PG-13.)

→ war wounds series (AU, military!mike.  he had stayed safe, kept his head down, came back to harvey with a few scars and a new aversion to loud noises, NC-17.)

 what the water gave me (harvey and mike take a bath together, R.)

 he’s a friend (mike accidentally imposes on harvey’s evening with a “friend” when he is mugged in the neighbourhood and needs a place to crash, NC-17.)

 only a little (one day, when Mike is off on his own case and absolutely bored rigid (or just taking a break), he texts Harvey a funny little picture of himself. Harvey, surprisingly, responds in kind. from then on, when they’re apart, they text each other photo’s of whatever they’re doing and wherever they are.)

 are you attracted to me? (mike gets a phone call from a slightly drunk!harvey that takes a sexy turn, M.)

 doing things by halves (“copy my breathing, okay?”  harvey deliberately made his breaths slow, even and over the top.)

 come again (it all started with a phone call, NC-17.)

 the trip (mike and harvey go to LA on business and end up drinking at a bar in the Regent Beverly Wilshire. And then chaos, M.)

 upside down and inside out* THIS IS MY FAVORITE FIC IN THE SUITS FANDOM, ahem.  (a story about the transcendent, giddy highs that come with diving headfirst into a love affair with exactly the right person, M.)

 best in the world (mike takes ecstasy with a hot client at a pearson hardman function but once he’s high, he’s only got eyes for harvey, M.)

 love isn’t a race (harvey takes mike for a run and then they have sex in the glass elevator, NC-17.)

 i hope that i will never let you down (WIP, mike will discover how easy falling apart can be, and how difficult holding everything together is.  but if it means helping harvey, and being near him, mike will be willing to do anything, M.)

 never let me go (WIP, you have to know who you are, and what you are.  it’s the only way to lead decent lives, PG-13.)

 heartbeat at my feet (AU!  dr. harvey specter, dvm, gets assigned oversight of mike ross’ sentenced community service hours at the local university’s veterinary clinic, M.)

 unobstructed views (episode tag to 107, play the man, NC-17.)

 or down you fall (drug testing at pearson hardman does not have its desired preventative effect.  sex, drugs and a little bit of soul, R.)

 terrified (fear is just the future knocking at your door.  2.01 coda, M.)

 christmas with the evil specter’s (mike spends christmas eve with harvey and his family, NC-17.)

 vinyl advice: an arc (harvey is harvey and mike works in a record store, PG.)

→ 5U175 (harvey sometimes moonlights as a Star Trek BNF. mike might have an attitude problem on the internet. tiberiusghost is strangely compelling, for a recluse who never goes to meetups, and harvey’s finding this kid photohead vaguely familiar … NC-17.)

 lit up (mike has synesthesia, which turns out to be a blessing, a bit of a curse and an unconventional way to finally get his boss naked, NC-17.)

 dolls and action figures (or that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas) (mike and harvey wake up.  it’s pretty much all downhill from there, R.)